My name is William Polito and I am a professional digital media designer who can make your company more visual.




A professional digital media designer for over a decade. I can help you, your company and/or your product look more professional and polished than you ever thought it could. The better your company looks the more investors, partners and clients you will attract. If you have a design problem, I would like to find the solution for you.

Branding Design and Print Design


Are your logos, documents, stationery and other company collateral in need of modern visuals? I can help with that.

Mobile UI Design and Content Design / Web UI Design


Do you have a mobile app or website, older than your smartphone, in need of a visual update? I can help with that.

Motion Design and Graphic Design


Are your animations, presentations, demos and commercials in need of a fresh new look? I can help with that.




This online portfolio is only a small sampling of my current digital media design work, which focuses on graphic design, branding, mobile design, digital product design, video design and web ui design.  Hire me now and let's make something new!




A brief history of my computer experience and a list of some of the cool things I do, when not staring at a monitor.

Computers gave me the Opportunity to be Creative

Before 2000 I was learning about Computer Security and Computer Networking at Global Knowledge Global Knowledge External Link in North Carolina. I quickly became drawn to all things Design, and moved on to Information Architecture, Software UI Design and Web UI Design.

The introduction of Macromedia (Adobe) Flash Adobe External Link and the combination of motion and interactivity led me further down the path to expertise. I moved into Visual Effects, Broadcast Design, 3D Animation and Motion Graphics and earned a Bachelors of Science in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics from the Art Institute International Minnesota Art Institute International Minnesota External Link. Soon after I worked on Visual Effects for a full length movie based on a game. Then I taught, Flash, Typography and 3D Animation at multiple Technical Colleges in Minnesota. I spend most of my time trying to make things look better.

Other Things I Do

  • Boating / Kayaking / Canoeing
  • Exercising / Weight Training
  • Biking / Hiking / Exploring
  • Learning New Things
  • Spending Time with Loved Ones
  • Playing with Companion Animals
  • Being Eco-Friendly
  • Eating Ethically




My skills and talents are wide ranging, from print to the big screen, but they are always centered around making you, your business and/or your product look better.

A Man of Few Words, but of Many Pixels

I am a Designer and sometimes I am a Developer (I have developed for the Web, Mobile, Flash, and iOS). My real talent is knowing what looks good and knowing how to make stuff look better.

Although varied, my skills are highly focused around Digital Design, Digital Strategy and Interface Design and User Interaction. I have spent the majority of my career using Adobe Adobe External Link media products, Microsoft Microsoft External Link Office products as well as a few hand fulls of other graphics, video and diagramming software. I have worked on both PC and MAC operating systems. I have experience working both remotely and on-site. I am responsible, proactive, innovative and strive to make the complex simple.

William Polito General Skills Breakdown, Branding, Design, Mobile, Adobe




Use this form to contact me via electronic mail. I am eager to hear your inspiring ideas and visions of the future.


Yes, I am a Digital Designer in the Vast and Cold Upper Mid-West...

Originally from New York, I have been living and designing in the state of Minnesota "Land of 10,000 Lakes" for more than 10 years. Do you have a company or project that you think will inspire me? I may be willing to work remotely or telecommute to help your cause. Fill in the contact form and let's collaborate!

Currently located in:

 St. Paul, Minnesota St. Paul, Minnesota on Google Maps External Link, United States of America



Website:  www.williampolito.com